Nightmarish Future We Are Leading Ourselves Into

This your future in a glance
You wake up finding it hard to breath, you struggle to get up from your bed. But, you open your eyes to see the oxygen cylinder beeping to show you it is critically low. You change it and see the time from the live feeds that you get through your newly installed television screen. At the same time; your personal robot comes in, to wake you up. You walk into your bathroom and instruct the machine to set the water temperature and let the centralized oxygen inside. You shower and come out to find your dress and food waiting in your bed room. Of course the robot made it and laid it down for you. You go and hug your partner. Since both of you are wearing oxygen masks, you wave at him instead of kissing him good bye like 2015. You put in your ultraviolet rays proof coat and leave to work.

On your way, you find so many ghostly looking citizens who could not afford to buy oxygen and water. These people are affected by skin cancer, dehydration, hunger. Since, your car is on auto pilot, you open the screen to find the news broadcast. News reader goes on about how death rates are relatively getting high minute, how there is a high level of carbon monoxide and other harmful substances rates spiking in air, then how there is high rate of criminals in the country. You get bored with the news cast and by that time you reach your destination which is your “research lab” in which is trying to create a natural environment with trees. You are all trying hard with the information from the books and long lost literatures like Hindi, Sanskrit, German, etc. You are determined to do this, it is a safer environment for kids. There will be no more deaths of young kids due to someone’s carelessness.

Is it scary?
Of course it is. No, this is not a piece of friction that would not happen to us. We are busy developing too many technology that we are forgetting to remember that 100 things we get easily are being destroyed in the process. We are losing our gardens which could yield us vegetables, fruits and some greens. You are losing it for ornamental plants that add look to your house or for a house with bigger space which you show off with.

Replacements to make a change
You can start it by adding a small solar water heater, which will reduce your costs on electricity consumption by providing solar power Biloela.  You can start finding renewable resources. Apart from this, you can also have a small garden in your house, college, work place.

What is the use of renewable resources?
Well, there can be some set up costs in starting these things.  But it will give you a sense of satisfaction that you have done your contribution in help the environment. This will also help you save the ecological systems from destruction. If you do not wish that your grandchildren should go to museum to see trees and zoo to see domestic and pet animals, you better start conserving and start doing your part.