Month: October 2021

Best Water Feature Ideas For Outdoor Spaces

Published / by Riley Sharpe


Do you want to make a statement in your backyard? Consider incorporating an outdoor water feature in melbourne into your design. This cool addition will not only serve as a “wow” factor during barbecues and intimate family meals, but it will also serve as a cloak and dagger way to cool off.

But, in case you missed it, you don’t need a massive outdoor water feature to make a statement. Do you require proof? We scoured the internet for a few incredible outdoor water fountain design ideas. Whatever your budget or square footage, there’s something here for every outdoor space. Yes, including yours.

Garden Creek

You can make your creek out of PVC pipe, a recirculating pump, gravel, and concrete. Water is guided by strategically placed stones to a retaining pool, where it is pumped back up to the creek’s head. This would be an excellent choice for a unique garden border.

Koi Pond

Who needs an indoor fish tank when backyard koi ponds are just waiting to be designed? If you want to build one yourself, there are many kits available, or you can hire a landscape designer who specialises in these tranquil ponds. But be cautious: Koi are entertaining and intriguing, but they are not low-maintenance. Before tackling a koi pond, ensure you understand their requirements.


If you crave the tranquillity of falling water, consider building or purchasing a backyard waterfall. While there are numerous designs available at home improvement and garden centres, you can create your own with a little imagination and basic plumbing skills.

Simple Bubble Fountain in a Pot

Few things are more relaxing than the sound of a simple fountain, so consider this humble bubbler made of two surfaced pots, one set within the other, a pump, gravel, and tubing. The water bubbles up and then falls. After a long day, relax in front of this fountain with a tall glass of iced tea.

As the focal point of your Zen garden, Install a water feature.

Fill a beautiful ceramic vessel with water and add some aquatic plants, such as papyrus and floating lilies, to make a tabletop water feature. Water features like this one, while not small, keep things simple yet graceful.

Mini Bubbler

A mini pond bubbler can turn an ordinary pot or any other object that can retain water into a serene fountain that can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors. This is a low-cost initiative that can be customised to fit any decor.


Water features are not only a wonderful addition to your property, but they are also soothing. There are various ways to be imaginative with your water feature, but the great thing about water features is that they can be made simpler. Incorporate plants, stones, walls, and even household items to give your water feature a one-of-a-kind appearance. The best part is that you don’t need a lot of space to install a water feature. You can begin with a small vessel and progress from there if you so desire.