Month: March 2021

Services Provided By Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal

Published / by Riley Sharpe

multimeter calibration

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal is a firm which is an all-rounder for your electrical gears; we are providing you with the following services so that we can give you the best outcome possible:

HV Testing:

A machine or an asset needs testing as well; many standards have this requirement that the electrical safety assets and personal protective assets are needed to be tested. The service of HV testing that we are providing to our clients is exceptional in which we ensure that your asset is tested with the most advanced technologies so that nothing can be missed out. Electrical safety factors are not possible to be assessed visually which is why they are needed to be tested electrically, HV testing is done by high voltage cables which are made of high quality ensuring the job is done with the best equipment.


There are some of the Inspections which are necessary to be done, such type of inspections are done by our experts who are experienced in this field. The inspection is usually about the lifting gears, ladders or poles which are necessary to be ensured to be safe before using. Therefore, we inspect the particular things and then we assess if they are safe to be used or not. We are also providing our customers with onsite inspections in which we will come to you and assess if your equipment is worth working with or not. Our onsite inspection will be very feasible for you.

Multimeter Calibration:

Apart from onsite inspection, we are providing you with a service of calibration in which we will perform multimeter calibration for you so that your equipment can be assessed if it is accurate or not. Multimeter calibration is an important process because your equipment is needed to be examined if it is accurate because the electronic items change with time which is why the regular multimeter calibration is very important. Moreover, our calibration is done with the latest and the most efficient equipment which gives you a relaxation in your mind that you will not have to worry about the quality of assessment.


Along with onsite inspection and multimeter calibration, we are also providing you with repairs of your components, after inspection, testing and calibration we will give you a choice in which we will give you the best repairs possible for your ladders, poles, pulleys, light instruments and so forth. The repairs are done under the supervision of experts who are working in this field since a long time, you will get the most accurate and efficient results and along with that the small repairs will eliminate all the future threats for the machine.

If you want to know more about the range of our services, then you should visit our website or contact us, we will guide you very frankly. For more information please visit our website